Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Not to toot my own horn or anything...

As that would be patently be a physical impossibility but some of the readers here will remember me wondering whether to buy any dragonhides a few days ago.

They went up and are now selling very nicely for 1860 :D

My prediction for this morning turned out well too, gold ores and red chinchompa are both up, +11 and +23 respectively...

But secondary to that I was chatting in Merch Gwyars clanchat and mentioned gold rings, that they seemed to be very low...I wonder if anyone followed my advice and bought any? :)

Unfortunately, dragon bones and blue dragonhide are sinking, but I wonder if they will jump up later after the Grand Exchange has weeded out all the panickers?

Anyways, on a different note some may like to note that adamant arrowtips buy for min+1-2gp but sell middle price so if you buy 10-20k per night you can make yourself a fairly easy 70-150k, beats me why anyone would wish to know this but there you go, now't as strange as folk :p


  1. I've bought my first merchanting stock! *happy dance* I've tried several things, but this is the first time I got to actually buy anything. I did as you said and bid on 5gp more than mid-price. I got 220 grimy toadflax for 4809gp each = 1,057,980. It took all night and most of today for them to buy. >.<

    I've then cleaned them all, which got me a bit of herblore xp and has already rendered them worth 4,930gp each. I could sell now for a profit. However, I want to try proper merchanting. Clean Toadflax, so I've read the graph and I'm guessing that 5,300gp is the time to sell.

    Sound good for a noob merchanting venture?

  2. I would concur with 5300, though if you put it in a vial you might be able to make even more lol

    Especially as people may be training agility to get the new slayer boss ;)