Saturday, 5 December 2009

Dragonhide or Not?

I am facing a difficult decision today, whether to buy dragonhide or not and it vexes me. I am vexed.

On the surface it should be an easy decision, the prices are primed to be able to make a predictive offer of min+5 at 1715 just in time for them to rise right back up to 1800-1830 for green dragonhide and get some early for when they jump up but people are hunting dragons en-mass for bones, what if they continue to drop?

This is the problem, right now people are hunting the dragons but what is happening to their hides, are they simply dropping them on the floor as worthless junk in order to get bones or are they still putting them in the bank?

Will they go to 1715 tomorrow then go back up as people buy or will there be a glut in the market? If there is, will they continue to slide down past 1650?

On the surface 3 things could happen:

Nothing at all and the price continues to flit as it has done for months bewteen two points.

Dragonhides fall as everyone panic sells in order to get bones. Even if this happens there will be a scarcity on them, as they are a primary resource in crafting, alching and freeplay rangers.

Dragonhides go to their usual price of 1750 tomorrow they shoot back up again.

Either way, having done the maths and seeing as I would only risk about 5M I will give it a buy dragonhides and have basically cornered the market for 1715 is too good an opportunity to miss! lol

On the plus side, whatever happens maple seeds are excellent to buy at mid+120...they should rise well tomorrow or the day after in their perpetual cycle :)


  1. I don't know if this has a bearing on it, but I currently have KBD as my slayer task. When I sell the black dhides straight afterwards, they always buy out instantly.

  2. I don't think it would matter, black dragons have always been ridiculously far from the bank to be of much use anyways..

    Someone in my clanchat earlier gave me another problem to worry about, if green dragons do drop nature runes, what is to stop people simply alchemising their hides and staying there for a bag of of bones?

  3. Hey Spar, I made a nice profit off of your maple seeds suggestion. Thanks! :)