Thursday, 3 December 2009

Explanation of flipping in Runescape

Basically flipping is quite possibly the easiest method of Grand Exchange trading there is, and the one that has been around the longest period of time in some form or another.

Simply put you buy a product such as feathers in the old day for 6gp, and quickly put up for sale at 7gp.

Contrary to popular believe this is not a bad form of reselling whereby youbring prices down or drive them up, all you do is maintain an equilibrium that has been settled upon over many months between supply and demand.

A couple of years ago I did it to great effect with fire runes, buying at 10gp at the afternoon GMT and selling at 11gp during the night, the reason this worked is because the vast majority of players did not have any or were just about to produce them. What happens in the case of that is that at the end of the night more will get put into the GE simply because it is needed which didn't exist earlier. However it happened, buying in one timeslot and selling at another is a great trick, not too many can stay on the computer 12 hours and there are too many people simply buying in one world and selling in another for it to work effectively.

Fire runes are good for something like this for a beginner, yet they will not bring in vast sums of money, simply buy for minimum price or middle and sell maximum.