Saturday, 12 December 2009

Merch Gwyar got me wondering the other day, obviously the GE thing cannot last forever lest it simply turn into a load of boring posts where I tell people what to buy and sell each day...

How about PMing me either on Sals, Tip it, Zybez or HQ your daily money routines whether they be for 10k, or 100k per day and I will publish them here along with your name and link to your blog if you have one?...though it would be better if they were little known, or used little tricks to get more efficiency.

Anyways, here is my little effort and it comprises of simply running to your kingdom everyday, and picking up empty and water filled vials along the way in Relekka...for an investment of 7.5M at a 100% approval rating you will usually get back a return of 150k-250k profit.

All you need do is put 75k a day into your kingdom and then I personally do 100% farm, and 50% herb since prices for those are very high relatively right now...when a construction update comes out putting it to 100% mahogany might be worthwhile :)


  1. Do you have to invest the full 7.5m to see that rate of return? I thought as long as you had at least 750k invested that you would see a full rate of return. Thanks so much!

  2. It is not always guaranteed of course but when I have 7.5M invested in farm and herbs I usually walk away with a ranarr seed most days and at least 4-5 ranarr herbs and occasionally a maple seed or even yew. That takes care of the costs and everything else on top is profit.

    If you do not have 750k I wouldn't really worry about it, you will probably get more use out of simply trading with it :p

  3. I usually get 1.6m (or 1m profit) every week, by keep it at 1.35m, and letting it go back down to 750k so I get full return.

    I use.. I think its 10 on fish and 5 on coal. I get around 1k Swordies, 3k tuna, 2k coal a week.

    I'm pretty happy with that. My merchanting career is down the drain at the moment, I accidentily bought a few (3000) toadflax seeds when looking at them. I have 3m cash, 3k toadflax seeds, and my items which are used daily (guthans, whip, flares, etc.)