Tuesday, 8 December 2009

To Buy or Not to Buy?

That's a very good question...

There have been a lot of questions in the past about when you should update your offers and how...

The simple answer is as soon as the GE database updates, because if you are queued for minimum, middle or maximum price you are obviously first in line.

Imagine if you will a system update, lets call it a prayer update for arguments sake and you are taking your time reading the documentation and take 30 minutes to get back to your game, if 50,000 people are already in the game then at least 30% of those have already scanned the important information and will have gotten their offers in.

Take prayer for instance, whenever there is an update requiring prayer you can almost be sure dragon bones will rise at least 5-10% so make sure you get them first.

If smithing is getting the treatment, gold ores will go up since it is again the fastest way to train.

Construction = oak planks (and maybe the occasional nail)

Slayer = black mask (non charged only)

Herblore = water filled vials (though with shop update this has less of an impact probably)

Crafting = green dragonhide, and to a lesser extent other colours

High level ranging = red chinchompa

Every single skill has its corresponding super training item that everyone descends upon, all you need to do is be ready and know what they are.

There have been rumours afoot lately of an upcoming smithing update, will you spend 4 hours asking everyone whether to buy gold ores cheap, waste your time and miss out or will you be one of the first to log back into the server and make a lot of money?

This goes for natural GE updates too, if you do some research and recognise what is going to be good the day after to buy without hardly looking you will have a distinct advantage. When I am choosing items to trade I will generally look 1-2 days in the future, I know what price they are likely to hit so can simply run into the Grand Exchange and make a lot of money due to being there first.

Make a list of your commonly traded items and bookmark them in your favourite browser, when update comes along all you need do then is load them all up and see what has risen and fallen. Simples.

Anyways, on that note I have just noticed that both gold ore and red chinchompa are nicely underpriced and should be due a rise sometime...Chinchompa being at its lowest point for 3 and a half months and gold ore being at a low it hasn't seen for months, possibly years.

Red Chinchompa

Gold ore


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