Monday, 7 December 2009

What is this post about??!

I may write a new post later about the importance of speed when an update arrives or the GE updates itself, then again I may leave it until tomorrow, lol

I am also thinking about changing the background to my blog, as the greyish text on white can be awkward to see, so any recommendations will be noted and acted upon :)

I was just sort of wondering how the people I told about maple seeds did, I told various people to buy at mid+120 for 33k a day or two ago, I am just in the process now of selling for 35k, 5,347 of them making 10.6M

I also note that gold rings appear to be massively undervalued compared to the previous 6 months...I have bought myself about 20,000 of them upto now and am hoping for them to rise to 220-240 at least :)

I have not got any of these but I used to trade them regularly as when they find a general price range they tend to be very stable...teletabs, today more specifically Lumbridge ones for around 1040-1050, I don't know how close you will get to the minimum price but they are certainly worth the punt, 5k per four hours is the limit :)

This is one to watch not for this week, but in about 8-11 days when the price hits 5400gp, when black dragonhide chaps hit that price make sure you fall upon them like a pack of rabid guinea pigs as they will bounce back up into the stratosphere again, or at least to 5800.


  1. Mine was an epic phail. -.-

    I didn't check my messages until the next day, so I saw it in E Zenaku's blog before I found it in my own PM. I rushed to the GE, but even at 10gp over odds, no-one would sell me a single seed. Miss the boat much? LOL

    However, I'm undaunted. I immediately went and found something else which appeared to have bottomed out. I used your graphs and tips to identify something good. I came up with steel armour set (sk) and promptly put a bid on for 500 of them, at 5gp over the odds.

    Unfortunately, I'm yet to have a single one sold to me. >.<

  2. Don't worry, in time you will get better, I have had my epic failures in the past fact if you haven't made a single mistake you are probably doing something wrong lol

    A good trick if you are lacking inspiration is to go down the most traded list and see what tends to find its way into buyers and sellers pockets all the time...

    Red chinchompa for instance which if oyu time it right can usually be picked up for mid+2-7 when it is about to turn :)