Sunday, 6 December 2009

Poll at top of forum

I have added a small poll to the top of this blog, for reasons that may become clearer later.

When you buy items in the GE what system do you use?

Do you buy in round numbers such as 1800, 1900, 10k

Or do you randomise it by choosing prices such as 1876, 1937, 10834?

Or do you simply choose the highest or lowest and hope for the best and you don't pay too much?


  1. Round numbers for items above 10K. And "it depends" for items cheaper than 10K. Also sometime middle price works the best.

  2. I always buy stuff for highest and sell for lowest. It gets the job done and gets me on my way. I always buy exactly how much I need for whatever I am doing too.

  3. Sometimes I buy an item for few gp over an obvious number (like 1502 instead of 1500) because I think that maybe a bunch of other people are trying to buy at 1500 and not so many at 1502... same thing for buying a few gp over market price. I don't see any reason for buying at a rounded number, though...

  4. Blogspot/Google is being a noob and won't let me vote. It keeps telling me to sign in, though the toolbar at the top clearly states that I'm signed in. In fact, I'm able to comment because I'm signed in. *sigh*

    As for my purchasing habits, I'm more likely to buy round numbers of the quantity rather than put up round numbers/random numbers of money. I'll sell something, then use the proceeds to buy whatever. If I do buy something without money in my bag, then I'll likely go for the suggested prices, so either go low, mid or high.

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