Saturday, 5 December 2009

Making Easy Money In Runescape

The biggest problem people have with trading is first deciding how much they need, you can start with any amount usually but for beginners I would tend to say about 1M which can probably be claimed in a short while. This is in no way a definate sum, but just makes it easier to think about.

Even without the lines it just be fairly easy to see what is going on here, since the guide price has not dropped to the absolute minimum in 3 months it is not recomendded getting into a bidding war for 5gp as you will be queued for weeks, simply buy at mid price and then they should sell slowly off for the next few days as people are naturally impatient, even for the most common stuff and will place in an offer for maximum since it is only an extra 1k for 1000

This way does work and there is no risk unless Jagex again decide to drop the price caps and it falls further yet I doubt that will happen, they have the opportunity to go to 5gp yet they don't.

Much better instead is to go for something like adamant plates, legs, scimitars, kites and helms, there are a fair few up and coming pures now that PvP has made a come back and you will always be able to supply these with gear, lets just look at adamant chains:

The reason why chains are so much better here is because they are 3x as cheap and have 5x the movement of adamant platebodies in the GE. We could of course use the plates, but we would not nearly be as effective though the more people who do this, they slower chains will get as they find their equilibrium and something else will take its place as being the best.

So, we are limited to roughly 100 per four hours if we buy ourselves (more to follow to get around this later...someone remind me please lol), which means about 300/400 per 12/16 hours which is a nights trading while in bed and at school the following day depending on what price you actually pick them up for.

Lets say our sell price is 2800 for arguments sake, obviously it may be higher than that depending on the demand or lower but round numbers are always easier (more on this later)

Now, we have bought 400 adamant chains for 2700, and selling for 2800

You are crying to yourself that this is only 40k, but this is 40k you didn't have a day ago and it is 4% profit which is about as good as it gets with solo trading, you obviously do not have the buying power to manipulate prices on your own, and if you join such a clan there is next to no hope of you getting stock at the lowest price in order to make it worthwhile.

All you do now with your 1.04M is reinvest it back into something else or the chains again, predicting the price they will likely fall to and being there first to buy, this becomes 1.09M, 1.15M and it keeps rising in a geometric scale.

If you continue for a week or two you will have doubled your money with next to no effort and can concentrate on leveling your woodcutting skills :)

Once you have enough money such as 2.3M you can start on green d'hide chaps which I believe have a very high buying limit of 10,000 meaning this is almost the very pinnacle of freeplay trading:

Once you have done this a few times, then you can take those profits and move it onto jewelry, gems, scimitars...just because you may be freeplay it doesn't mean you cannot play with the big boys :D


  1. Good luck, if you keep at it you should get there one day :D

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